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The banner with its horizontal red and white stripes resembles the US banner, although with 11 instead of 13 stripes. It also shows the blue area in the left upper corner showing 1 big star instead of 50 little stars.
Liberia's capital is named Monrovia after the US president James Monroe who declared the colonisation of the New World to be over.
The currency is the Liberian Dollar, the official lenguage is English.

Liberia, Datas and Facts

Current state August, 2007

Name: Republic of Liberia
Climate: tropical rainforest zone, hot and damp
Situation: west coast of Africa; Gulf of Ghuinea
Area: 111.370 square kilometres (half as big as Great Britain), bordered by Sierra Leone in the west, Guinea in the north and CÙte d'Ivoire in the east
Capital: Monrovia; in total 1.200.000 inhabitants and refugees

Population: about 3.900.000 (UN 2008), 2,5 % native Afro-American population, 16 indigenous ehtnic groups: Kpelle, Bassa, Kru, Gio (Dan), Grebo, Mano, Gola, Lorma, Kissi, Sarpo, Vai, Belle, Dei, Gbandi, Mandingo and Krahn, about 8'000 Libanese people
Population growth rate: 2 % per year (estimate 2002)
Languages: English as official language, 16 local languages
Religion: in the coastal area mainly Christians (about 40 % in the whole country, many Protestant communities), predominantly Animists and 20 % Muslims
Statutory holiday: 26th July (Independence Day)
Independence: 26th July, 1847
Government: republic; two chamber system, senate and house of representatives since the beginning of the 2nd Republic on 6th January, 1986. Senate with 30 seats, house of representatives 64 seats
President: since 16th January,2006 Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (Unity Party)
Representative: Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai (Unity Party)
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Olubanke King-Akerele
Minister of Parliament: Alex J. Tyler (Liberian Action Party)
Parties: Congress of Democratic Change (CDC/Opposition), Unity Party (UP/Regierung), other 9 parties and 7 independents in the House of Representatives
Union: Liberian Federation of Labour Unions
Membership in international organisations: UN and related organisations, IMF International Money Fund, World Bank, AU African Union, ECOWAS Economic Community of West African States, MRU Mano River Union - Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, ACP African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States, IPU Inter-Parliamentary Union, ADBP African Development Bank Group
Important media: TV: without importance, not widespread
Radio: Star Radio (international), Radio Veritas (Roman Catholic Church), UNMIL Radio (broadcasted by the UN Peace Forces)
Papers: Analyst, Daily Observer, Inquirer, News, Democrate
Union of journalists: PUL Press Union of Liberia 
Gross Domestic Product: USD 548 millions, estimate 2005 IMF
Per Capita Income: USD 150, estimate 2007 IMF
Currency: US-dollars, Liberian money (up to 50 Liberian Dollars; 1 USD approx. 55 Liberian dollars)