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6/20/2019 : 8:21 pm : +0200



Bremen - Schule Hamburger Strasse

Don't discuss long - just get started...

This was the motto of the first fund-raising campaign for our new partnership with the children's village "Liberia Crusaders for Peace" in Liberia/Westafrica. The 5b was scarcely told of the involvement of the whole school when they decided they really want to make an own contribution.

At first more precise information about the project were gathered:

After the idea was deserved to be supported by the class council, a fund-raising campaign was planned spontaneously for the open house day. Upon consultation with the class teachers and the school administration the children organized in addition to the scoutduty also a flea market for books.

The high commitment of the class 5b was worthwhile. For more information:

Altogether everybody agreed that in this case "don't discuss long - just get started" was just the right thing and of course all together want to continue...

Juli Endee and Antje Urbe were excited about the commitment and give sincere thanks to everybody for the support. We are curious about a further cooperation!

01.12.2009 12:33 Age: 10 Jahre